Sunday, September 28, 2014

State Affiliate Operation and Directory

September 2014 NCPEA Blog
Dr. Carleton R. Holt, President & Executive Board Member
Beverly J. Irby, Executive Board Member
At the NCPEA Annual Summer Conference in Camarillo, California, the State Affiliate gathering was held in the Grand Salon on Friday, August 8, 2014.  Dr. Marc Shelton welcomed attendees, reminding those from states not already organized that NCPEA has a State Affiliate Website Section located at with twelve states identified.  If your state is organized, you can contact Lauren Shackleford,, to add your NCPEA institutional affiliate information.  In addition, President Shelton shared NCPEA’s history of state affiliates co-hosting our summer conferences since 2004 and announced that NCPEA will begin hosting with the Washington DC summit in 2015.  He stressed a desire for an expanded communication effort with representatives from the State Affiliates on a semester basis as a part of NCPEA’s Strategic Plan for future operations.  New President Holt and Dr. Irby from the Executive Board will be leading this effort using online meetings with camera and microphone connection to share events, actions, conflicts, or questions to update representatives from other states.  This should provide timely information and help on a regular basis instead of annual discussion.  Dr. Holt distributed an information form created by Dr. Irby, with each of the eleven states in attendance to identify a contact representative to participate in this new venture.  Each state was asked to indicate two significant actions that their state covered since our last joint meeting a year ago in New Jersey:
Arizona Professors of Educational Administration – Held annual Leadership and Research Conference, and Higher Education Division met monthly with all divisions of the ASA.
Arkansas Professors of Educational Administration – Use of online conferencing to unify our voice for influencing policy and legislation.  Held annual state conference, worked with state department to deal with desired changes to administrative licensure.
California Association of Professors of Educational Administration – Advocacy for strong voice for “no test,” and has NCPEA publishing their professional journal.
Florida Association of Professors of Educational Leadership – Held two association meetings, and has associated with the Florida Association of School Administrators to begin a series of new initiatives.
Georgia Educational Leadership Faculty Association – Founded state approved programs to offer certification.
Illinois Professors of Educational Leadership – Working on implementing a new statewide licensure program while addressing declining university enrollment.
Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Administration – Sponsored an annual Virtual Research Symposium, provided opportunities for technical support for state program re-authorization, and began the planning for hosting the NCPEA 2016 Conference in Detroit.
Missouri Professors of Education Administration – Have re-written leadership standards, and written a new performance based test with student uploaded artifacts.
Oregon Professors of Educational Administration – Partnerships: state licensing commission to revise preparation standards based on the ELCC refresh, Oregon’s principal professional organization alignment (Concordia of Chicago) with ORPEA’s program design, and conducting a statewide satisfaction survey to collect updated data from previous surveys in 2002 and 2009.  
Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration – Conducted the Graduate Research Exchange, and operates the TASA/TCPEA peer reviewed journal named the School Leadership Review.
Virginia Professors of Educational Leadership – Key work of the year has been linking with professors of educational leadership throughout the state.

Online Contact Information:
Arizona – Michael Schwanenberger, Northern Arizona U,
Arkansas – David Bangs, Harding U,
California – Delores Lindsey, CSU San Marcos,
Florida – Daniel Reyes-Guerra, Florida Atlantic U,
Georgia – Don Leech, Valdosta State U,
Illinois – Karen Carlson, Dominican U,
Michigan – Barbara Klocko, Central Michigan U,
Missouri – Ginny Altrogge, Webster U,
Oregon – Marc Shelton, George Fox University,
Texas – Sandy Harris, Lamar U,
Virginia – Ted Price, Virginia Tech,
In closing, I encourage the above organizations to respond to our first online meeting in support of this new NCPEA Communication Strategic Plan.  If others would like to join at this time, please contact us and we will add you to this expanded effort.

Carleton R. Holt, NCPEA President, University of Arkansas,