Monday, April 18, 2011

NCPEA Press proudly announces a new publication...

Towards Mid-Century Educational Leadership: Challenges, Conjectures, and   Inspirations 

Authors: Fenwick W. English (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Theodore B. Creighton (Virginia Tech), Carol A. Mullen (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro), and Rosemary Papa (Northern Arizona University); James Berry (Eastern Michigan University), Forward

Published: November 28, 2011 by Rowman & Littlefield Education and endorsed by NCPEA.

Here is a different kind of platform for readers. Are you feeling as though you are living in the here and now with respect to school leadership and schooling issues? Are you seeking release from the constraints of a limited vision into a broader and deeper, more informed vision? You'll be invited, through this book, to imagine mid-century leadership for schools, leaders, and preparation programs in a whole new way.

This book is organized around challenges, conjectures, and inspirations that will induce the rethinking of school leadership.  It is grounded in critical thought about dehumanizing trends in schools and society. It goes beyond this, also offering hope through learning innovations that may create a more inclusive tomorrow for all schools and students. Prisons and prisms in such forms as pressing matters of inequities and equities are threaded throughout the challenges and conjectures.

The chapters are organized aound this set of specific lenses and treatments:

- The vision and role of NCPEA
- Challenges and conjectures: Why Us, Why NCPEA?
- The challenge concerning forces that prompted this publication
- The mid-century leader
- Preparation frameworks
- Dreaming of fairness
- Leadership and the world we create

Expected draft presented to membership at the August NCPEA Portland Conference.

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Daniel Eadens, EdD, University of Southern Mississippi said...

I am very excited to read this book. Where will I be able to purchase it?
Dan Eadens